Is It Safe To Use Pau D’arco While Breastfeeding?

September 4th, 2013 | Posted by admin in Questions and Answers

I’m nursing my 5 week old infant and am trying to avoid taking anymore prescription meds, as I’ve already taken around of antibiotics since giving birth, which caused a yeast problem for me and the baby. Just wondering if anyone has taken/knows if it is safe to take while nursing.

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  • justanot says:

    It’s iffy. I looked into this quite a bit myself & decided against it. For a yeast issue while nursing take Grapefruit Seed Extract tablets instead. They ARE safe while pregnant or nursing for sure. You take one capsules three times daily. Just make sure you get grapeFRUIT not grapeseed. Both are safe, but GSE is what you need for yeast. Also take a good probiotic. You should always take a probiotic while on an antibiotic anyway – you can also get that at any health food store. You get the GSE liquid & mix that with distilled water for baby. You apply that mix to baby’s mouth & your nipples. Also – make sure you to use a cup of vinegar in every wash of clothing as well as disinfecting EVERYTHING else that your baby’s mouth/drool or your milk comes into contact with. If you do that, you should be done ASAP.
    Full directions are here on Dr Jay Gordon’s site:…